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As a layman who majored in law, Xiaohe recently became obsessed with criminal law video. The fatal temptation that made Xiaohe fall into the deep pit is the recent popularity of legal influencers-teacher Luo Xiang from China University of Political Science and Law.


This professor of criminal law, known as Guo Degang in the political and legal circles, was sought after by a large number of netizens with a video explanation of a popular and bizarre criminal law case. After being invited to station b on March 9th, the number of fans of Ms. Luo’s personal account has exceeded 3.324 million, and the maximum number of video views has exceeded 6.41 million


How did Teacher Luo Xiang become so popular? Who are his fans? What is the inevitability of his fiery passion? With doubts, we opened the door to the world of criminal law.


On January 25, 2018, a Zhihu user posed such a question to netizens. Five days later, an intern lawyer in the industry answered this question and described Luo Xiang as a "proficient and good lecturer" criminal law teacher.


This tells us that Mr. Luo Xiang was already well-known in 2018, but his popularity still remains in the professional field. Judging from the dissemination of the B station video, the early teacher Luo Xiang was indeed more like a


As early as February 2018, some users uploaded Luo Xiang's lecture video on station B, but the playback volume was not stable in the first two years, and the fluctuations have obvious seasonality, usually relatively ordinary, but the videos uploaded from July to October The amount of play will increase suddenly.


Moreover, the number of videos uploaded at this time is still in the single digits per month, and the video tags are still based on "law test" and "criminal law".


We guess this may be related to the judicial examination at the end of September. Facing this test with a passing rate of only about 20%, French students really need Teacher Luo Xiang's video to supplement their knowledge. Therefore, the high probability of contributing to the sc亚博app安全有保障reen in front of the screen is still for the eager candidates for knowledge.


In February 2019, Teacher Luo Xiang actually had a "small fire", and the number of related videos uploaded exceeded 100 in February. In addition to technology videos, there were many titles with "legal jokes" and "fun teaching". Life video.


But to be really out of the circle, we still have to count from February 2020.


From January to March 2020, users (including Teacher Luo Xiang himself) uploaded a total of 637 videos on station B. This number is twice the sum of the past two years. The amount of play and laps are both high"


Then we discovered that Teacher Luo Xiang began to appear in the ghost animal area. Friends who are familiar with station B know that whether it is people or things, once they become emojis and ghosts, they will start to become popular.


On March 1-18 alone, 44 ghost videos related to Teacher Luo Xiang appeared in the ghost animal area of ​​station B. And the most favorite ghost material of Scissorhands is a name that appears frequently in Teacher Luo Xiang's video-Zhang San.


In the criminal law cases cited by Teacher Luo, Zhang San sometimes slapped Caidao on the table and threatened to sha the mayor, and sometimes committed the heinous crime of wanting to be strong, but accidentally beating a man, and was eaten melon on the other side of the screen. Passers-by were named "extrajudicial fanatics."


If you often search and watch the video about Teacher Luo Xiang, you will often see a lot of students who majored in illegal studies send out real scent barrage: "I don't know why I am a student of accounting/medicine/code. can not stop!"


The professions mentioned in these bulletins are varied, and even mixed with many middle school students.


We found through barrage analysis that from


Judging from the barrage of everyone's self-reported home, Mr. Luo's fans radiate more than 20 majors. These majors include but are not limited to medical students, foreign languages, art, computing, management, materials science, etc.


In terms of schools, neither engineering students from Tsinghua University nor medical students from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine can escape the charm of Teacher Luo. Students from Nanjing Forestry University, Beijing Forestry University and other schools also checked in on the barrage-I am afraid that their attitude is more positive than usual.


At this moment, everyone deeply understood the distress of the Fa students through the video. All day long, they faced "A and B colluding with shā C, A holding dao intercepted, and B holding qiāng hiding in the dark. B opened qiāng self-defense and failed to hit A. The stray bullets hit B, who was hiding in the dark but hadn't opened his qiāng. What crime did A, B, C each commit?" Such a soul test question.

此时此刻,每个人都通过录像深刻地了解了法学生的苦恼。他们整天面对着“ A和B与shāC勾结,A持刀截获,B抱着qiāng隐藏在黑暗中。B打开qiāng自卫并没有击中A。流浪子弹击中了B的人在黑暗中,但没有开门。A,B,C分别犯了什么罪行?这样的灵魂测试问题。

How can the criminal law class that explains these exam questions allow so many people to take it?


We collected and sorted out the 5 most clicked video barrage of Teacher Luo Xiang, and found that "hahahaha", "relish", "funny" and "funny" are the common spiritual core of the people who love melons and fall in love with Teacher Luo Xiang. The criminal suspect "Zhang San" who frequently appears in the video has always used his legendary life of repeated crimes to affect everyone's hearts.


Among the 10 most popular Luo Xiang videos, except for the "Intensive Course of Criminal Law System" released by Houda Education, the titles of other videos are either shocking or full of sand sculptures.


These refreshing and refined video titles instantly opened the "Pandora's Box" in the boredom of young people's lives.


Click on the video, you are not disappointed, most of these videos are less than 5 minutes, but they contain all kinds of stories full of God's turning points.


Give a chestnut. In the famous case of Teacher Luo Xiang, "I am strong J myself", A hired a big brother to force J's roommate B. A few seconds later, the turning point of God appeared: the eldest brother admitted the wrong person, and the result was strong. A has reported the case, how can I be convicted? ——Big Brother and the strong J is both convicted of strong J.

给栗子在著名的罗翔老师案中,“我是J我,我很坚强”,A雇了一个哥哥强迫J的室友B。几秒钟后,上帝出现了转折点:长兄承认了错误的人,结果很亚博app安全有保障不错。 A已举报此案,如何定罪? -老大哥和强者J均被判强者J。

In the case of Zhang San buying fake certificates. Zhang San bought a "fake marriage certificate" to get married with Xiaosan fake. Both Zhang San and the seller were suspected of illegally buying and selling official seals of state organs. But if Zhang San buys a Peking University diploma online, it is also a fake certificate, the law will find Zhang San innocent, because there is no charge of "sale of the seal of a public institution".


In the video, Teacher Luo will use criminal law knowledge to analyze various crimes seriously, and there are often many divine turns during the dismantling process, which makes people switch wildly between black question mark faces and "hahaha" throughout the process.


Therefore, we have seen that in the video tags related to "Luo Xiang", the key tags that frequently appear in addition to "Luo Xiang", "Great Law Examination", "Law" and "Criminal Law" and other serious law test guides,


The story is curious enough, and the value tension of criminal law theory has made many laymen who specialize in illegal science fall in love with criminal law cases one by one.


However, the simple mentality of eating melons is only the first step for passerby players to join the Criminal Law fan club.


After watching multiple episodes of the large-scale rule of law series "Extrajudicial Madman Zhang Sanzhuan", we found that Mr. Luo's course not only has the familiar "inner taste" that users of station B are familiar with, but also really "has something" .


As one of the most popular teachers of China University of Political Science and Law, Mr. Luo used professional knowledge to give a balance between law and morality behind seemingly extreme cases, using one by one that seems unexpected but reasonable. Among the answers, the fascinating charm of criminal law is constantly released to the students.


In the video comment area of ​​station B ranked among the top 5 in terms of viewing volume, we saw more messages about knowledge growth. In addition to the "Doge" with the most comments, keywords such as "knowledge", "increase" and "law" can also form a popular sentence of "strange knowledge has increased"-of course you can also see one that is moved by knowledge "Weep with joy."

在收视量排名前五的B站视频评论区域中,我们看到了有关知识增长的更多消息。除了评论最多的“ Doge”外,诸如“ knowledge”,“ increase”和“ law”之类的关键词也可以构成流行的句子,“奇怪的知识有所增加”-当然,您也可以看到一个被感动的句子。通过知识“快乐地哭泣”。

Compared with the famous criminal detective film and television dramas and detective animations like "Six Groups of Serious Cases", "Young Bao Qingtian", and "Detective Conan", he finally yelled "Actually, I knew Ta was the murderer!" ,

与著名的刑事侦探电影电视剧和侦探动画(例如“六大案”,“鲍青天”,“名侦探柯南”)相比,他大喊:“实际上,我知道塔是凶手!” ,

In addition to case analysis, Mr. Luo Xiang will also convey a lot of legal concepts and life thinking: the law has objective fairness and justice of "although you can't reach it, but your heart yearns for it"; the law study should "have a simple sense of justice" to think about problems ; "More t亚博app安全有保障errible than crime is the unconstrained right of punishment"; "The more the happiness that embodies human dignity, the more advanced the happiness"...

除案例分析外,罗翔先生还将传达许多法律观念和生活思想:法律具有客观的公正性和正义性:“虽然无法实现,但内心向往”。法律研究应“具有简单的正义感”来思考问题; “比犯罪更可怕的是不受约束的惩罚权”; “体现人的尊严的幸福越多,幸福就越先进”。

Therefore, we can understand why so many people are taking the criminal law class.


When you originally just wanted to eat melons, with an innate psychology of curiosity, you clicked on a video with the title of ten strange things, and after you harvested the wonderful story as expected, you found that you unexpectedly took a famous teacher class.


The content of this course is profound. The teacher not only provides you with a unique interpretation from the perspective of the legal profession, but also gives you a philosophy education from time to time to make you feel the pleasure of being hit by dimensionality reduction, full of sense of gain and accomplishment, and ultimately No exams.


May I ask, who can withstand this temptation?


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